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Secure your child’s future dreams with Complete financial security through immediate payouts & future money backs
Future Genius Education Plan

Max Life Future Genius Education Plan( UIN:104N094V03) is a non linked participating life insurance plan.- A plan that helps you secure you child’s future, despite the rising education costs, even when you are not there. Life insurance coverage is available in this product. A goal without a plan is just a wish- the various uncertainties of life and the rising cost of education directly affect a child’s future. Secure your child’s dreams with Max Life Future Genius Education  Plan and be worry free.



Complete financial security through immediate payout/s & future money backs

  • Death Benefit- Choice of lump sum payable immediately or monthly income for 135 months (starting from the month following the death of life Insured) to the nominee.
  • Policy Continuance Benefit-Waiver of all future premiums ensuring that your dreams for your child’s future education is taken care of , even in your absence . Money back & Maturity Benefits are paid to your beneficiary as and when due

Living Benefits to ensure your child’s turn into reality

  • Guaranteed Money backs during your child’s graduation years- 4 guaranteed money backs payable annually in the last 4 policy years for your child’s college education expenses. Each money back is equivalent to 25% of the Sum Assured.
  • Lump sum Maturity Benefit to support your child’s future endeavors- The accrued paid up additions (if any) and Terminal Bonus if (any) are payable at the end of policy term to provide for a seed capital or to ensure financial planning for higher studies.

Flexibility to customize plan

  • At the time of purchase- Choose any policy term option from 13 years to 21 years, basis your child’s graduation needs.

You also have an option of 2 premium payment terms to choose from:

-8 years fixed premium payment term

-Policy term less three (3) years

  • At the time of Money back- You don’t know today what career your child will pursue in the future. This unique feature gives you the flexibility to defer or discount your money-backs during the last 3 policy years as per your needs thus ensuring that you are not constrained by the choice that you have made years ago. Hence, customize the timing of your money back according to your child’s graduation needs at the time of receiving the 1st money-back.

Enhanced protection through Riders

Option to choose from 3 riders increase your protection cover against death, disease or dismemberment.

Tax Benefit

You may be entitled to tax benefits as per the prevailing tax laws.


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