At Peerless, we firmly believe that establishing a strong and ethical foundation is an essential prerequisite for long-term sustainable growth. Considering our expertise in handling countrywide retail financial customers and our excellent service record on a sustained basis, our touch points across wide geography, strong operational efficiency, well trained sales force and strong orientation towards systems and processes with optimum use of technology distinguish us as a financial product distributor of choice.


Preferred and trusted brand

We aspire to grow by remaining true to our 81 year old tradition of providing the common man with personal finance options and employment opportunities and thus continue to remain as the country's most trusted doorstep services provider in the private sector. The Peerless brand trust in our preferred market segment is the key to our success.Our growth will be driven by our ability to constantly adapt ourselves to the dynamic market realities and our commitment to fulfilling the aspirations of all members of the Peerless family.


Diversified Product Portfolio

We provide diversified product portfolio which help individuals meet their various needs over their extended life span, be it: 

Protection: Need for a sound income protection in case of unfortunate demise

Investment: Need to ensure long-term real growth of your money

Savings: Save for the milestones and protect your savings too

Pension: Need to save for a comfortable life post retirement 

Health: Cover for health related exigencies

Asset protection: cover your assets from probable risk


Unique Need-Based Selling Approach 

We believe in personal advisory that helps our customers understand their latent needs at the first instance itself without focusing on product features or tax benefits.  We have a large distribution network of 80 branches and excellent technological connectivity across India which help us to service our customers. We believe in reaching the customer, analyzing  their need, making sure that they have understood the products, advising them on what is suitable for them and providing service to the last leg. Our sales process is robust with critical controls to ensure that sales take place through personal contact, near their doorstep and through thorough understanding of the need and product alignment.


Operational support

Our customer acquisition does not end at acquiring the business. We provide complete operational support to the customer ensuring that the underwriting requirements are met with, they get back the policy/ certificates in time, all  claim/ or maturity related issues are addressed, renewal of policies take place in time, all their grievances are addressed to and other service needs are met during the tenure of the relationship. We have instituted a strong operational platform with defined service turnaround time and arrangement with Partners to provide such support. We also have a strong operational team to provide this kind of support with defined KPIs. All these operational indicators which are among the best in the industry differentiate us from the rest


‘Aam Aadmi' Focus 

Over 81 years, Peerless has focused on serving a section of the society where banking and insurance services could not be reached the way they were expected to. Through FPD business, we contributed our bit towards financial inclusion of the ‘Aam Aadmi'. Insurance penetration of this segment with right kind of products and right kind of approach along with awareness of the benefits of insurance significantly provided them with some kind of social security. We believe that as a business model, FPD would emerge as social engine for growth through financial inclusion and at the same time remain commercially viable.

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