The foundation of Peerless was laid at Narayangunj, Bangladesh in 1932 as "The Peerless Insurance Co Ltd", a leading indigenous insurance company of that era.  Peerless has come a long way since then and  transformed itself  as "The Peerless General Finance & investment Co Ltd" riding on the trust of millions of customers who put their unconditional faith in the brand. It is a dynamic and kinetic, sprightly and young, vivacious and contemporary organization occupying a prestigious niche in the corporate history of India.

It all began with the vision of late B.K. Roy. As the prime architect of Peerless, he set out to live the saying "Bahujana Hitaya, Bahujana Sukhaya Cha".  The company helps people build up a financially secure future by providing them innovative financial products and livelihood solutions.

More than 80 years of invaluable experience, a family of more than 5 crore customers, Pan India reach, maturity payment of nearly Rs 20000 Cr., strong financials with high Capital Adequacy Ratio, bear eloquent testimony to the success of  Peerless and have given it a unique and rare distinction among the financial organizations.

 With core competence in financial services sector, Peerless Group extended its spread into other sectors like Hospitality, Asset Management, Securities, Real estate, Financial Product Distribution and Healthcare. It has a host of vibrant enterprises and associates like:

  • Peerless Financial Products Distribution Ltd  - Distributor of Financial Products
  • Peerless Hospital & B.K.Roy Research Centre-a super-speciality hospital in the southern periphery of Kolkata
  • The Peerless Inn - a luxury hotel in the heart of the city, Peerless Hotels in Durgapur with resorts in Andaman and Mukutmonipur
  • Peerless Securities Ltd. - a trusted organization for stock and security broking, marketing of financial products, investment advisory and depository services
  • Peerless Funds Management Co. Ltd. & Peerless Trust Management Co. Ltd.- the first endeavor in Mutual Fund business in the Eastern Region
  • Bengal Peerless Housing Development Co. Ltd.- a joint venture with the Government of West Bengal in the housing sector
  • Peerless Financial Services Ltd - A fully owned subsidiary to provide loans against securities to corporates and individuals
  • Peerless Skill Academy- is a joint venture with Ramakrishna Mission and   is recognised as one of the trustworthy Institute that is revered for its contribution in community livelihood generation